All you need to know about me is that an ideal Friday night consists of ordering pizza and... that's it.

What I've Done Professionally

• Game / UI Art (mobile, web, product)

• UX / UI Design (mobile, web, product)

• Gamification

• Graphic / Visual Communication Design

• Outsource Art Management / Direction

• Localization

• Visual Merchandising


What I've Dabbled In

• Product / Furniture Design

• Packaging Design

• Exhibit Design

• Copywriting

• Curriculum Design / Training

​What I'd​ Like to Try Someday

• Toy Design

• Production / Prop / Set Design

• Something completely different, like astrophysics

Currently Obsessed with


Neko Atsume

• Electoral politics and crumbling empires


Recent Favorites

Device 6

• Year Walk

The Room series

Forever Lost series


• The Silent Age

​All-Time Favorites

The Curse of Monkey Island

Grim Fandango

Comix Zone (SEGA Genesis)

Super Mario Kart (SNES)

The 7th Guest

Portal / Portal 2

Arkham Asylum

The Last of Us (is it weird I have a crush on Joel?)